QTH is Kerala (South India)

QRV 160 m band to 10 m band. Mode is CW, SSB and PSK31

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jh7b2_small.jpg kh61_small.jpg kh62_small.jpg kp4_small.jpg la3_small.jpg
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The fun of amateur radio collecting cards, called QSL cards,
from other amateurs that you've talked to on the radio.

Contents of a QSL Card
1. your call sign
2. your name and address
3. a place to write the call of the station you contacted
4. the date (use DD/MM/YY). Be sure the date used is the UTC date.
    UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
5. frequency or band
6. mode (SSB, CW, Rtty, etc.)
7. RST (report)