TLV20HWL (14 MHz), Half Wave Top Loaded Vertical Antenna

Jan. 2017 South India (Kerala), VU2RBQ - DJ9RB

Radio TS-480 and DELL Computer using WinTest Software Mounting Disk - wire (stainless steel 1mm) is 1.68 meters long

AEA CIA-HF Complex Impedance Analyzer

 is an impedance analyzer for the HF band.
The frequency range is up to 54 MHz.
Features include graphical representations of SWR,
Return Loss, Impedance, and Resistance.
Coax Cable calculated by DJ8EI Top Loaded Vertikal Antenne - 20m band only
Top Loaded Vertikal Antenne. Spiderbeam 12m HD Fiberglasmast SWR der Lambda Halbe Vertikal Antenne (TLV20HWL)